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MORBLUS stands for an explosive mix of blues, funk, soul and blues rock for more than 20 years. The Italian band led by founder Roberto Morbioli shows with their latest album "GREEN SIDE" that they are belonging to the top acts of the European blues scene. The renowned record label Jazzhaus Records demonstrates once again that they have a flair for outstanding artists. With "GREEN SIDE", MORBLUS presents a fantastically compact and well-balanced mix of blues, soul, funk and blues rock and proves their musical class elements to the blues and music lovers.
On the record "GREEN SIDE" you will find thirteen compositions written by MORBLUS and also one cover version. The opener "Emotional Mess" is an even more modest but lively start of the album but with "Down In Memphis" the new record is picking up speed. With this song and a good pinch of funk and soul, the band of mastermind Roberto Morbioli shows their musical bandwidth. "Blow Me Up" is an uptempo song with a proper swing feeling where you will seesaw your feet after a few seconds and you also have to turn the volume slightly higher. The instrumental "Green Side" pays homage to Latin Rock in the best manner of Carlos Santana. It is the exactly right song to call for summer. "I'm In The Blues" and "Hard To Take" are two relaxed Blues songs before the upbeat song "Midnight Ride" with guest vocals of Greg Barrett is taking us with a gorgeous piano on a trip from Chicago to Memphis. The quiet and dreamy intro to "Crawfish Pie" deceives just for a short time as it is  a really funky song before the second instrumental "Blues On Top" reduces the speed a little.

The next song "Six String" is a Blues Rock smasher in the style of Jimi Hendrix' "Crosstown Traffic". With "When I Miss It" follows a bluesy ballad which should capture the listener at once. "Under The Gun" then takes up speed with its funk and soul elements before we reach the single cover "I Believe To My Soul" by Ray Charles. The song with a lot of soul is beautifully played and is a homage to one of the greatest musicians ever. The last song on the album is "Out On The Road" with Big Daddy Wilson as a guest vocalist. This song shows us how little you need to create a great song when played with the right feeling.

"GREEN SIDE" is a relaxed but also very dynamic album. MORBLUS serves 14 songs in their own style on the new album and every song gets the necessary space to develop and to inspire music lovers.


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